Nautilus 2 always gurgling

Hi hopefully someone can help. My wife's just got the nautilus 2 zelos kit and whenever it's filled up liquid seems to make its way in to the center and gurgle when used. Tried her spare nautilus 2 tank and the same happened. My nautilus 2 on a different battery is perfect however. Any suggestions as to what to do would be great. Thanks
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  • @chrismccam

    It sounds to me like your wife is overfilling the tank which forces too much liquid into the coil causing the gurgle. Upon the rare instance where I overfill and get a gurgle, I take a tissue, roll it from the corner till it is in a tight cone shape and insert it from the top of the coil as far as it will go to soak op the overfill in the coil. You may have to do this 2-3 times (depending on how flooded the coil is) give it a try and let us know what happens.
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