Plato: Is v06 firmware recognized by logo editor/firmware upgrade software?

My Aspire Plato came with the v06 firmware on it. Despite trying many different times and ways (including those described in the manual) to get it to be recognized by the Aspire software, it doesn't. Yes, I'm also using the genuine cable, on Windows 7.

Do the v06 firmware Aspire Platos allow for the firmware and logo to be updated?

BTW, I'm a little surprised the Plato firmware is so sparse. No puff counter, for instance. As a second question, is the any chance the Plato will get an upgrade in the future or is the product's lifecycle basically over by now?
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  • Hello CeeGee,
    If you got the plato with original firmware V06,it is not updated.
    Because we received some suggestion from our customers that the steps for plato updating are very complex.So we added all the functions in firmware V04-V05 to firmware V06,then users don't need update the firmware and can enjoy the functions in firmware V04-V05.
    What's more,we collected suggestion from our customers ,most of them thought that it no need for logo update,so we cancelled this function in firmware V06

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