ASPIRE NEW Cotton BVC Coils for Nautilus are HORRIBLE !!!!

These New BVC Cotton Coils with larger wick holes are absolutely HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would they go and mess with a coil that has gotten such great reviews that people Love..... These new BVC Coils Suck. They are worse than the original Nautilus coils.....Nobody i talk to likes these. So many Bad Reviews online witht he new cotton coils. I hope Aspire sees this and goes back to the original Style Ceramic BVC Coils that people LOVE.........I thought something was broken or i thought i bought fake coils when i used these new coils. That is how Bad they Vaped...... I actually returned them to the store. Aspire is going to lose so much money witht he new style BVC Coils. I hate them !!!! Please tell me if you like the new Cotton BVC Coils or if u prefered the old Ceramic BVC Coils for the nautilus.....
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  • Wow, they changed these coils years ago. Most people have gotten over it by now. No idea where you were still getting ceramic BVC coils. Are you sure you have gotten genuine Aspire cotton coils? I actually thought it was an improvement (unless you are running them too hot).
  • I gotta agree with @watkijw on this....those coils have changed to cotton a long time ago!
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