Nothing but dry hits from Cleito coils!

I got the original Cleito tank last week, only to find out now that there is a new Cleito tank... Which sucks balls, but then again the original Cleito was reviewed well so I felt it would be a good tank to get.
The first pre-installed coil was amazing, taste was very good and vapor was huge. After about a week of a sweet juice I had to change the coil (which I think is reasonable with a sweet juice).

I put in the 0.2 coil and honestly I didn't even finish the first tank, nothing but dry hits and a burned cotton taste, after only 1/4th of the tank the taste was so horrible I couldn't stand it.
Now I did prime the coil well, also let the filled tank sit for a good 30 min before slowly ramping up the wattage. I couldn't get the nasty taste to go away, so bad I couldn't even taste a little bit of the juice flavour at all!
Then after about 1/4th of the tank I decided to open it, loads of air bubbles when unscrewing the top cap, which tells me immediately there is a vacuum issue going on that prevents the liquid from going through the wicking holes.
I already tried to screw the top cap on very gently and make it finger tight using the driptip to screw it on and hopefully solve the vacuum issue, no effect. Still that horrible taste.
Another downside from screwing open the top cap to let the liquid go through the wicking holes easier, was that it actually sucked so much liquid through it started leaking out of the airflow holes when they would be open, when closed it would just fill up the base and start leaking as soon as the airflow is opened. Then again, you shouldn't have to unscrew the top cap to make the liquid flow through the coil...

So I burned through the 0.2 coil in less than 2 hours, running it at about 55-60W. Now put in a new 0.4 coil from a fresh pack and I primed it a lot, just to be sure the wick is saturated enough, filled the tank and let it sit for 30 min. Right at the start I get little to no flavour but since I'm running it very low first I increase the wattage by increments of 5-10W until I get to around 35-40W, so far I've not been able to get the proper flavour like I had with the pre-installed 0.4 coil head. I'm using juices ranging anywhere from 50/50 VG/PG to 90/10 VG/PG and whichever one I try it doesn't make a difference, I just can't get them to taste like the original installed 0.4 coil it came with.

So I tried a lot already... Top cap less/more tight, different liquids, new coils, adjusted the airflow, waited longer after priming, nothing seems to make the coils work like the pre-installed one.
If anybody can help me with it, that would be much appreciated! I absolutely loved this tank the first week and I'm really looking to get that experience back so I can love this tank again, but for now it'll sit on the shelf until I can find out what is causing this.
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  • Also I should notice I checked the scratch code and the coils are authentic Aspire Cleito coils.
  • ARTFX said:

    Also I should notice I checked the scratch code and the coils are authentic Aspire Cleito coils.

    Sweet and high VG juices should not affect the coil juice flow at all, but I have seen where folks have the coils gunk up and cotton get clogged with really dark juices. Make absolutely sure that the coil is in tight! if not, it can cause leakage problems. At this point I can only suggest getting the coils from another reliable source. Your supplier may have a bad batch....this can happen. I can PM you with my best sources for coils that are Authentic Aspire always.
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