Qingming Festival holidays

We will have our Qingming Festival holidays from 3rd April to 4th April,2017 ,so we are unable to deal with orders that were made during our holidays until 5th April,2017. What's more,we can not reply your emails and comments until we coming back from our holiday.
Thank you in advance for your understanding .May you have a wonderful time!
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  • Well, that explains why no one responded to my message. But it doesn't explain why no one has responded to my e-mails for several days. I'd just like to know why the Zelos mod that I pre-ordered on February 9th STILL hasn't even shipped. The estimated ship date was moved from late February to mid to late March...then to late March. Now we're in April and still no shipment.
  • @jray2k4 After checking with our online store support,your oder has been shipped out.
    Our online store support will email the tracking information to you by email.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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