Cleito or Evo and the NX100?

I really like the Evo 2ml tank and the coils that came with my NX75 kit but I prefer to have a bit more juice capacity. I enjoy the flavor I get off the EVO coils in this tank and the only negative is that it's little difficult to screw off the top when I want to fill it because I feel it's just a tiny area around the top cap to get good leverage on with my big hands. That being said I see they have the extender for the Evo but I'm worried about the possibility of the extender chimney becoming a hassle if it screws off the coil head when trying to fill or top off the tank. I also haven't seen any SS coils for TC yet that are designed with the larger wicking holes that go to the bottom of the tank so you aren't left with juice like when you try to use a regular Triton coil in the tank. So I got to looking at the Cleito because the tank already holds more liquid without having to mess around with the extender piece. There are also SS Cleito coil heads for TC which is a big plus for me. I'd guess I would like to get everyone's thoughts and opinions on the Cleito and the Evo with the extension. I don't care to vape at higher watts so I am not even considering the Cleito 120. Also to add to that question, is the NX100 mod ever going to be more readily available from any US retailers. I really like using 26650 mods and also that it can accommodate bigger diameter tanks.
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  • To screw off the top cap, I unscrew a bit holding the top cap and continue using the drip tip (but I think I have normal fingers ;) ).
    With the extension, be sure to screw it on a new coil that is well dry and on the contrary, put some juice on the coil's upper threading so it will be the first thing to unscrew.
    For the round wicking holes, just make few movements with your wrist to keep the cotton wet, that should be enough; but I understand your concern that those holes could be made like for the Evo.

    I use both my Cleitos and Evos with the fatty thank, thus the capacity is similar there.
    Perhaps @charlzrocks can give you a link to some online shops in the US that sell genuine Aspire material and especially the NX100; otherwise, the Aspire chinese webshop is totally reliable for doing your purchases ;)
  • How does the flavor compare between the Cleito and the Evo?
  • How does the flavor compare between the Cleito and the Evo?

    I myself feel that the taste is pretty much the same on both of these tanks. There may be others that feel different. It depends a lot on your style of vaping and the wattage/airflow you use as well.
  • The NX100 is an awesome mod with a color screen and 26650 or 18650 capable as well! You can see my review of it here:
  • I agree with Charles, it depends on your vaping style.
    The Evo has the versatility of the different compatible coils you can use with it.
    The Cleito has less choices, but has its RTA system if you ever want to start rebuilding your coils some day.
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