Production numbers for the NX75-S

I'm curious about the production numbers of the "limited edition" NX75-S. I have one but it seems to be a really obscure mod and the only serial type number I can find is H6 on mine. The software is V02. I'm mostly curious and any Information would be appreciated!!
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  • The 2 figures on the inside near the "-" sign ?
    I have "6K" on mine, not sure it is a serial number.
    I don't know if it was a limited edition, fact is it's not available any more ...
  • @Badazd The NX75-s is not limited edition.
    because it is made of stainless steel by CNC,so the productivity is not as much as the NX75-Z.
    The number you saw means the manufacturing date of this mod.
  • @Tina But I don't see it any more on the web shop, what does it mean ?
  • @Cegoca I am sorry for the wrong information.
    I have checked with our online store manager,because it is very difficult to produce the NX75-S,what's more,the requirment is not very large,so we have stopped producing the NX75-S at present.
    What's more,the NX75-S is out of stock,so we don't sell it on our online store.
    We are waiting that if more and more orders from our distibutors for this mod,we will product it again.
  • Thank you @Tina
    I must say my NX75-S is one of my best looking boxes :x
  • Cegoca said:

    Thank you @Tina
    I must say my NX75-S is one of my best looking boxes :x

    Being SS, how is it on fingerprints?
  • No escape ... silicone case very much needed, but also to protect the beauty :x
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