Aspire Archon Wattage issue

My Archon will not hold its Wattage I have it set on 57.0 Watts, it will randomly go down to 1.0 Watts all by itself. Sometimes not allowing me to bring it back up to 57.0 Watts. When it does allow me to take it from 1.0 Watts back up to 57.0 Watts, the mod will start rapidly dropping until it goes to 1.0 watt without me touching anything. Please help, I've only had it for a month.
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  • @Vaperviews86

    I have never heard of this problem, it could be that a control chip has gone bad. I highly suggest returning it to the retailer from where you purchased it. The Aspire Archon mod has a 3 month warranty (if it is a Genuine Aspire Product) so it should be no problem getting a replacement.
  • Hello,
    here are two suggestion for you reference:
    First,please update the firmware of your Archon:
    Second,please use high current release rate battery(the release rate >25A).
  • Hi, my 8 month old archon has started doing this as well.
    After 3 nights camping, recharging the archon via a powerbank each night, the archon has started decreasing the wattage of its own accord, as if the "-" button is stuck down (although its not).
    I can get it to lock settings at the desired value (W and + for 2 seconds) but it wont switch off by pressing the fire button rapidly 5 times.
    I suspect condensation from inside the tent has messed with the control board, and I'm lucky (or unlucky) that it only happened after the third night.
    I have tried to update the firmware, and this has had no effect on the problem
  • What were the output rates of the powerbank you used for recharging, during those 3 days ?
    From what fw version did you upgrade to what new one ?
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