Nautilus 2 - major problems...

At first it's great - but then I'm getting a burning taste. To solve this, I have to loosen the body the release the bubbles that float up from the base of the coil.

I've tried 3 coils since last Friday (2 x 0.7 and 1 x 1.8 ohm coils) - and it's the same problem each time.

Not happy - it's not working properly - do I have a dodgy unit? I checked the code and apparently it's authentic so maybe a factory fault?

(It's worth noting, I've been vaping for 3 years and have a Cleito, Nautilus, Nautilus X (not recommended), Triton Mini and never had this problem before).
Nautilus 2 - airflow problems?
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  • I forgot to mention, I'm using 50/50 and do not chain-vape
  • @RoseCroix

    It sounds like you are running the coils at too high of wattage and are scorching the cotton in the coils which is giving you the burning taste. All of the genuine Aspire coils have the wattage ratings listed directly on the coils themselves. Although you mentioned you have all of the other Aspire equipment, I feel that this is the only possible cause as I use a higher than 50/50 blend and do not have any problems with the Atlantis 2 coils. Make sure that you let them sit for 3 minutes to soak up the juice before vaping.
  • Please include your Wattage settings for each coil that you are using. It will help us troubleshoot your issues.

    The bubbles are released because as you vape, you are creating a slight vacuum in your tank. The original Nautilus was designed exactly the same way, as are virtually all tanks. This negative pressure allows your liquid to stay inside the tank without dumping out the air holes, and is definitely a good thing. It is the same reason many people have issues with leakage immediately after filling their tank.
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