high voltage and formaldehyde

hi everyone,

i am newbie about vaping and i bought a nautilus x atomizer for mtl because of its reputation. However, i have been reading for days articles about healthy risks of vaping and many articles are about formaldehyde especially at high voltage. Now, i wonder is there any new progress about formaldehyde risk at high voltage. Because i know that nautilus x is working at high voltage. Is this about voltage or heat or any other thing. Thank you.
Also sorry for my really really bad english.
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  • @blackrider89

    The Aspire forum is not the place for a juice related question. To get a better answer I suggest you go to the Electronic Cigarette Forum (or ECF) and ask post a thread there with your concerns. There will be more than enough folks there with knowledge about your question. Good luck!
  • I will add that, to the best of my knowledge, formeldahyde has only been found in studies that used very high current and ended up burning the wick. It is the combustion of the cotton that releases harmful chemicals, not proper vaping. You will find carcinogens any time you combust vegetable matter.

    Also, the Nautilus X is not considered a high voltage tank. It is a Mouth To Lung tank, and generally high resistance. Subohm tanks and RDAs are much more at risk for dry hits (burned cotton).
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