Cleito 120

I love it but a major issue is that I tore apart the atomizer that came in tank when got old and it contained no Clapton coils. I will be tearing em all down as they get old. I really hope this was a fluke and not the norm. The,code checked out for being real so really disappointed that claims Clapton but did not,have them.
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  • Wires out of Cleito 120 atomizer. Are not clapton
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  • @chckrichard

    The Cleito 120 atomizer coils are not "claptonized" coils. Nowhere in the description on the Aspire site does it say they are. However, the regular Cleito kanthal coils ARE claptons. That is where you may have been mistaken. I believe that the retailer you purchased them from may be mistaken also (if they told you the Cleito 120 coils are claptons, which they are not). :-B
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