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I have been trying to mainly customize my plato. Every time I do I follow the steps in the instructions. I hear my computer recognize the device, but before it has a chance to show up in the aspire up program, my computer makes the sound that it has been disconnected. Just for the record. I shut my plato off, pull the battery, plug in the plato to my computer , and put the battery back in and run the program. I've done it several times to no avail. Could it be the device. Computer is running on windows 10. And I'm using the micro USB cable that came with the plato. Please help.
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  • @darin.b

    It could be Windows 10, it has been known to be buggy with these firmware updates. . I don't have that OS (Windows 7 here) and have had no problems. Try it on a pc with Windows 7 and see if it works.
  • I have. My wife's old computer has windows 7. She just recently bought a new one with windows 10. I was hoping it was the old computer, but it just did the same thing. So I guess I bought a faulty plato.
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