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Ok I have a question regarding replacement coils for the Plato. Now, my fiance and I are on are 2nd Plato each after a year using the first one. Now, the pre-installed coils lasted us about 3 weeks. But the replacement coils only last us 2 days on average. We are both running our Platos at 20.0W. We have purchased from several websites and in-store. So Im not really sure what the issue is? We were purchasing the Nautilus BVC 1.8 coils as this is what it says in the manual. We never turn it up past 20.0, and considering this goes to 50.0 I'm assuming that is ok. We saw something about Triton 1.8 and was not sure if these were better or lasted longer? Every 1-2 days changing 2 coils is getting kinda ridiculous. Any help would be appreciated!!
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  • Do some reading up on Ohm' law, and these comments will make more sense. It's all in the resistance of coil that you're using. There's no reason to take a 1.8 ohm coil to 20 watts, as they're designed for 4.2-5 volts (about 9.8 to about 14 watts at 1.8 ohms). It's not that it isn't powerful enough, you're just using the wrong atomizers for that power.
  • So I take it no one has any advice on this? I guess I need to stop using aspire products. It is ridiculous that the replacement coils are made to not last as long as the coil it originally comes with. We should not have to change our coils every 1-2 days, and I take about 3 puffs every 30 minutes. So I am not over vaping....
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    Are you using Genuine Aspire coils? Have you checked the scratch off on the coil box? There are a lot of fakes out there and they are substandard at best!
    See the first post in this thread:
  • Those 1.8 Ohm coils are meant for about 12 Watts, and should absolutely never go past 16. I run mine at about 12.5W until the coil breaks in, and increase to maybe 14. You will get the most out of your coil this way. The Triton 1.8 is a bigger coil and can handle wattage a bit better, but still NEVER past 16W.
  • Then why does it go to 50? It can only go 1/5 of the way?? I have scratched the numbers and checked. It says they are authentic. But i have bought them from 4 or 5 different places... same issue. But if these things can only go to 12 out of 50, these things are WEAK and I am a light vapor. And the coil that came with our new ones lasted almost month on 20w. I think they make them like this on purpose. What's the point of allowing it to go that high???
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    The Plato goes up to 50 watts to accommodate the sub ohm Direct To Lung vaping coil as seen here:

    The 1.8 ohm coil is for Mouth to Lung vaping as shown here:
    image can download the user manual here (if you have lost yours):

    If you read the owners manual it will tell you all of this and you can view more information here:

    This should clear things up! :-B
    Plato sub ohm.bmp
    Plato MTL.bmp
  • Yes i tried that other one. It was absolutely horrible. Ok then i guess this thing is just too weak for us then. Plus i thought the other coil was for the other setting. Either way.. the original coils last a month but replacement coils last 1-2 days... on the same setting.
  • I don't know how you got the original coil to last for a month at 20W, but that is the entire issue. Reduce your wattage or change to a different resistance coil.
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