Cleito tank getting burning hot

My Cleito tank gets burning hot (you can't touch it, so at least 70c+) within a few seconds of vaping. It's on one side at the base where the air holes are.
It seems like the side getting hot is the same side as where the coil wire connects to the base of the coil.
My drip tip also burns my lips after one longer vape or after two shorter consecutive vapes.

I tried with both the 0.2 ohm and the 0.4 ohm coil, same results.
I tried setting my mod to both 40w and 60w with the same results.
I've validated that the security code is not counterfeit.

For comparison I tried the eLeaf iJust S tank with a 0.3 ohm coil.
Vaping at 40w or 60w does not heat up the base of the tank, nor does the drip tip get hot.

Is my unit defective, or is it supposed to be like this?
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  • Personally, I didn't like the .2 ohm coils, they were too hot for me. I am currently using the stainless steel coils which work pretty good for me, I do notice some warming if I am chain vaping. When that happens, I'll set it aside for awhile. There might be something wrong with the coil base. Not sure. Does your mod register the resistance ok when firing? What kind of mod?
  • I'm using the Cleito exo with the Dynamo mod and even at 40W(0,16 coil) it burns my mouth and the tank gets hot.
    The recommended is 60-100W
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