Aspire Triton Mini Wicking Material used ??

Hi I recently purchased Aspire nautilius mini. Upon digging the internet came across the questionable wicking material used in Aspire BVC coils. I instantly threw away two BVC coils which came with the tank and purchased triton mini coils (1.2 ohm). I am not still sure about the wicking materials used in Triton mini coils. It'll be fantastic if you could shed some light on what wicking material is used in Aspire Triton mini 1.2 ohm , Clapton 1.8 coils(I intend to buy these soon enough). I am scared to vape using this tank(Vapes great though). Has the wicking material issue been resolved yet. I am new to vaping so want to ensure that I am making a relatively healthier choice than analogs.Cheers
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