Atlantis 2 - Hologram on box?


My Atlantis 2 broke and I replaced it with one off amazon, I am just comparing the boxes and they look a bit different. Mainly the original one that I had has the Aspire hologram on the back of it and the new one doesnt. Also I went to do the scratch and check and when I scratched at it to reveal the number the whole label came off, it doesnt even look like there is a number there though i could be mistaken. Also there is an 'R' by the Aspire name on the new one and on the original old one there is a 'TM' by it. Did Aspire recently become trademarked? And on the newer batches of the Atlantis 2 is there not a hologram on the box?

If anyone could help me out that would be great!


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  • Aspire is using a (R) after their name. What not sure about the hologram. Aspire may or may not have dropped this. What does concern me is the fact that the scratch and sniff(not doesn't smell just a common name) sticker's code came off so easily. The only way this would happen is if it was scratched off extremely hard or it got wet. Without the code it my be hard to tell if it is authentic
  • Thanks for the reply! I have emailed the store with my concerns and they said for me to return it. Which is what I think I am going to do - just to be on the safe side.

  • @zizou,we have cancelled the Hologram logo on our products.
    What's more,Our logo is using a (R) after the name.
    The scratch and sniff sticker's code will not come off so easily.
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