Nice giveaway

So the giveaway is another Facebook giveaway? I thought it would be for the regular forum members but instead we have to compete with dozens of new accounts who don't hang out here and we have to repost on Facebook to enter (my comment was deleted)? Come on. I have nothing against new forum members but I feel this is a little put off by this giveaway. I'm not even entering.
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  • @ksedwar this giveaway is not only for forum member,everyone can take part in.
    That post is for who want to enter the giveaway.
    We welcome your suggestion.
  • It was a very nice giveaway, but everything was based on the first person to respond on the Facebook chat. Due to lagging issues, the same people were always first (even though each person could only win once). I would just suggest that next time the giveaway is based on something more random. I know he did the best he could, but the lag was frustrating.
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