Aspire new product is coming-Nautilus 2 Tank

Aspire brining you the new, curvy, Nautilus 2. The latest mouth to lung 2ml tank in the Nautilus series. Nautilus 2 employs a preinstalled 1.8Ω BVC coil, coupled with the bottom air flow adjuster, helping you to fine tune your vaping needs. Shorter chimney minimizes airflow travel and provides a better flavor experience, bringing the best out of your premium e-juice. Interchangeable coils with other Nautilus tanks, further individualizes your vaping experience.
Nautilus 2 tank comes in two finishes, Stainless steel and Aluminium.
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First review from Tony :
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  • Recently we tested and reviewed the brand new Nautilus 2. We were really excited. Why? Because Aspire Mini and 1st Nautilus was super great, so we wanted to know what will be the Nautilus 2. And guess what? Aspire always provide high quality, amazing vaping experience for really competitive price. And if you need some deeper review about Nautilus 2 before you decided to order it - you can definitely read full review at Ecigopedia -
  • @Tina Really love the new tank! Are there any plans to release a bigger version of the Nautilus 2? Maybe with more than 2mls.
  • Well one of my guesses was a Nautilus v2 so I'm happy.
  • 4es4es
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    Nautilus 2 ... "Both coils are interchangeable with all Nautilus series coils."

    New Nautilus 2 coils compatible with Nautilus X ??
  • No, they mean the old Nautilus + Triton mini coils.
    Keep in mind the Nautilus X as a totally different product.
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    Compatible with Nautilus Mini? (Sorry my bad english)
  • Looks a nice little set up ..I like the look of the tank ...I watched the live reveal and the giveaway ...which was terrible due to Facebook feed ...but overall impressed
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    My last question...

    Nautilus 2 coils (0.7/1.8) used same wire (material) from old Nautilus, or new wire?
  • No idea but I believe it is kanthal.
    I imagine SS coils will follow ...
  • @4es yes,the same material from the nautilus coil
  • And can we have a tight MTL vape with the 0.7 ohm ?
  • @sizzla68

    The coil didn't look like it had a huge center opening, so with the AFC you should be able to get a nice tight draw. We will have to see what it's like. Keep an eye out for my review. I am primarily a MTL vaper and I should be getting mine soon and I will let ya know. :D
  • Thanks in advance ;)
    I am a MTL vaper too ;)
  • Aspire is missing the mark lately with a lot of the sub ohm vapers... Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for the "mouth to lung" crowd, but products such as the Cleito and the Cleito 120 should get as much attention as they're spending on the Nautilus series of tanks.

    It kind of irks me that they would create the Cleito 120 (a 25 mm tank), with no mod by Aspire that it would aesthetically fit on other than the NX100, which is currently not a readily available mod to most U.S. consumers as of yet. Even if the NX100 was, the coils for the Cleito 120 would drain a 26650 battery so quickly vaping at 100 watts (minimum), it would not be an all day vape choice for most.

    The original Cleito tank is a GREAT tank... but most people that love that tank want and need more than 3.5 mils of juice for an all day solution. The "fat boy" glass that they came out with was a welcomed add on for the Cleito, but come on, it looks rather doofy.

    I guess what I'm trying to say here, is... Why not make a 25mm, 5 ml version of the Cleito and sell it with the NX100? Or why not make coils for the Cleito 120 that are .3 - .4 ohms for those that don't want to guzzle 30 mils of juice a day, and have a large capacity all day vape set up?
  • @dig_dug42 thank you so much for giving your kind suggestion to aspire.
    I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department.
    Please pay close attention to aspire,In year 2017,Aspire is still keeping the passion and the optimism alive to vaping.
    We will have more products to release in year 2017
    Your kind suggestion always welcome
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    @Tina Are the Blue and the Silver versions also coming ?
  • Cegoca said:

    @Tina Are the Blue and the Silver versions also coming ?

    Really good question! There seemed to be some confusion when Tony Brittan did the product introduction. He mentioned that there was a blue one according to the packaging but we never did find out if that was true. Maybe he was mistaken?
  • Please pay attention to aspire Nautilus 2 tank,more colors will come soon
  • Tina said:

    Please pay attention to aspire Nautilus 2 tank,more colors will come soon

    Thanks @TIna !
  • i bought the nautilus2 with the 50% off on release day
    Your system charged me the full price
    I Sended an email on 8-2-17
    Never received any feedback from aspire
    My item is shipped now and no news
    Anyone in the same situation?
    Order: 201442432
  • @marc18t Hello our service and our online store support all checked their inbox,We didn't receive your email.

    Our online store support will check your order and contact your back.
    Please check your inbox tomorrow.
  • @Tina he didn't order on release day, nor did he send an email. Caveat customer! ;)
  • No, aspire found the web site error and give me my money back
    Thanks again @tina
  • @Bagatov Thank you for support.I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department.
    They will check the possibility
  • I got a black Nautilus 2 I'm still using the .7 coil at between 18 and 23 watts using .6mg 70/30.
    Vaping wise for MTL it's a nice vape good flavour.

    However theres a few things I really don't like and theres a few things I really love.
    So the airflow adjustment is excellent it gives you almost infinite control over the airflow I generally go with 3.5 holes open.

    Filling the tank is not as easy as it should be and imo was not very well thought out, I think they sacrificed usability for looks.
    To open the tank it can be very difficult there is no knurling on the bottom airflow ring it's very slippery to open and the tank is stiff for the first compete 2 turns, it's not like some threads were once you break the initial bit it can spin easily. the nautilus 2 is tight for at least 2 full turns.

    Ive had to use a vape band on the air flow section in order to get enough grip to open it.
    Anyone with any diminished capabilities in there hands, arthritis or doesn't have allot of squeeze or hand strength will struggle with this tank.

    Iv'e also had an issue when closing the tank because the last couple of turns are so stiff that when it came time to take the N2 off my Mod it was stuck tight on to my Smok AL85 because I had to twist it so hard to close the tank, and again this took me 30mins to get it off my AL85 eventually having to break down the tank putting the vape band on eventually I managed to get it off my mod.

    These problems can be avoided by modifying your approach somewhat, but it makes the whole process more difficult than it should be.

    When you do get the top off and you want to fill this can cause more issues, unlike the Cleito coils for example where the threads are at the top and the coil protrudes from the top of the glass.
    The Nautilus 2 has a coil that is shorter and is below the top of the galss and the threads are not at the top of the coil there is a section of knurling at the top under that are the threads.
    I have found if you fill your tank up to the knurling you will get some leaking,
    The best I've been able to do is to fill the tank half way up the threads doing this I don't get leaking but thats only half filling the tank.

    So all in all I think when it comes to actually vaping it gives you a nice vape, but filling the Nautilus 2 and dealing with all the difficulties puts me off especially because you cant even fill the tank up to the top like the Cleito for example.

    The Nautilus 2 does take the Triton Mini coils so again from the actual vape standpoint it gives you plenty of options and a nice vape.

    I just wish Aspire worried a little bit more about usability and a little less about how it looks.
  • Hi @Tina
    I'm writing you about the Nautilus2 materials: I've just found out one is SS and the colored ones are made of anodized alluminium, therefore I'm asking if there are any differences on performances like flavour and overheating metal sleeve, between the one on stainless steel and the others made of anodized alluminium.
    Thank you,
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    @antonioanzelmo hello,The material of the colored ones are made of anodized alluminium,means the cap and the airflow adjustable ring,the material for other parts is the same as the stainless one.
  • Hi I just got the Nautilus 2 tank today and wanted to replace the .8 coil to a 1.8. I cannot get the glass tube off. Tried unscrewing it and just pulling it off. Even held the base with pliers and tried to pull glass straight off. Help please!!!!!!!
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