Aspire CF MOD Tank options

Hello all.
So i'm searching for a vape system and i'm leaned to get an aspire CF MOD (the one with removable battery) but i'm having a hard time figuring which tank options to go with it.

Although the battery is intended for sub ohm vaping, first i'm interested in a mtl style of vaping and not looking to produce clouds.

Can the Atlantis EVO tank be used with this battery?
Also does this tank can use other coils (in the range 0.3 to 1) to go along with CF MOD?

Any help appreciated.
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    The CF Mod works a bit like a mech mod and can only give 25W or less depending on cell charge.
    So the only Atlantis-Triton coils you should use in and Evo on it are the Kanthal 0.5 or SS 0.4 Ohm coils.
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