Atlantis 2 Tank Fill Issue

Got a brand new Atlantis 2. Beautiful subohm tank! But, I can't fill it without 1/2 of my e-liquid leaking out!!! The problem is when I remove the bottom piece to fill the tank, the glass tube slides right off the top portion. It's not secure unless the unit is screwed together. When I screw it apart, as I said, the glass tube just falls off the top portion. Therefore, when I put my premium e-liquid (80/20) into the tube, over 1/2 of it leaks all over my hand! Do you think if I get a replacement tube, this may solve the problem?? It doesn't leak when it's all screwed together and it fires just fine on my ELeaf iStick TC 40 watt mod! I want to make use of this gorgeous tank but I can't afford to waste the costly premium e-liquid that I use. Please, someone, HELP ME!!!
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    There are 15 (counted) little teeth on the topcap that have to maintain the pyrex on that cap.
    Pulling them up a little bit (but not too much either) towards the outside should solve your problem.
  • Thanks! Sounds like it just might work! I'll give it a try and let you know...thanks again!❤️
  • Sorry I'm just getting back to you. Well, I was all ready to try your fix and when I tried taking the tank all apart to change its coil, the glass tube was NO LONGER LOOSE! It was the opposite-overly snug! I had a hard time separating it but finally got it apart. So I replaced the coil & attempted putting it back together. The top part was no longer a problem. I don't get why!! But now the tube is so tightly connected at the top that it won't extend all the way over the seal at the bottom connection! Needless to say, it would definitely leak like that! I got so frustrated I just took it all apart & put it away! If you understand what I am explaining and have ANY INPUT, I am ALL EARS! Thanks again for your kind help & interest.
  • Ouch, I can only suggest going to a B&M shop and have someone demonstrate for you. Sometimes there is no substitute for hands-on experience...
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