Valid cleito 120 reading wrong ohms or attomizer short *please help*

I just purchased a cleito 120 today and the tank is certified. I primed it properly but i noticed the ohms were reading wrong. I hit the fire button and every time the ohms change. Never seen this before. The tank got really hot and took a long time to cool. I changed the coil thinking it may have been a bad batch coil. Nope same thing. I switched from my asmodus minikin 2 to my good old rx200 to see if it was the mod. It was not. The rx200 read attomizer short. I then used a smok tfv8 big baby beast tank to verify the mods were working properly. And they are. Cleito coil is the .16 ohm. And the smok was the v8-t6 reading .2 ohms. I emailed aspire about it but i figure I would see what the forum could help me. Thank you for your time.
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  • I have the cleito 120 and I don't get that issue. My ohms stay at 0.16. My tank does get hot as I vape at around 90-100 w and I chain vape
  • I would say, go back to the shop where you bought it and explain them your issue.
    Either they solve it or replace your defective device (it happens ...).
  • I'm going through the same problem actually. I bought one online that I validated that only reads at .5 and then got one from a local shop that I also validated. It worked fine for a couple coils but then I washed it and thoroughly rinsed it and blew it dry with an air gun and the ohms read between .18 to .23. But it only reads .18 after I fire it a few times. Running on an rx200 and primed properly.
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