Cleito Wicking Issue - Resolved

Pardon this thread if this issue was previously resolved elsewhere. If it was I was unable to find it.
There was a thread I found when trying to address my own personal wicking trouble. It spoke of a once functioning Cleito tank that started to have a vacuum/wicking issue.
After deducing possible means of troubleshooting, I found the culprit for my specific issue. Others might be experiencing something else, but this is something to try at least.
Flip the O-ring that is in between the glass and the top of the tank.
If the ring falls out during cleaning and the user cannot remember the correct positioning, the upside down version can appear to be correct because the rightside up position is such that the O-ring is present to the air in between the glass and lid of the tank. But, this is what provides that crucial part of the airflow that the absense of started to cause the vacuum issue.
I hope this might help someone that found themself in this situation, because I could not find the solution in my websearching. If nothing else it will be a supplemental source for the answer.
Just as further verification, my vaping aficionado friend claims that this ring was present on previous Aspire tanks, and the ring is correctly placed when part of it is present to the air in the gap between on the outside of the tank.
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