Defective Out of Box Nautilus


I recently purchased a second Nautilus because of my love/admiration for the first one I had purchased. However, the recent one was defective out of box. There are two issues with it:

1) the upper hardware internal plug that connects to the atomizer disconnected from the upper hardware. While I was able to remove the plug from the atomizer, I was unable to put back into place. Therefore the upper hardware will not accept the atomizer - it will not screw in at all.

2) the bottom hardware piece that screws into the battery is not seated properly. The rubber sealant is exposed and is not flush, and I do not want to screw into the battery for fear of ruining my battery.

Despite this being a new purchase, the location I purchased from will not exchange the device (claiming this could have been self induced after purchase). Please advise what I should do, as the device was defecting upon my receipt.
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  • Dear Customer,
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    Would you please send your problem to our
    please attach below information:
    The security code of your new bought nauitlus
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