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I got a pockex today and I slightly overfilled it but only noticed after i had a puff of it,only by a tiny bit but it's spitting and gurgling and it's not as smokey as it was.
What do I do? It doesn't say in instructions,can it be fixed? It's the only question I didn't ask in the shop
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  • Unfortunately due to the design of the coils, there is not an easy fix per say. The only way to fix the problem is to empty the tank and to vape it until it stops spitting and gurgling. Then refill the tank. You must make sure you do not vape it until it dry hits or you will possibly burn the cotton. Just stop once the excess liquid stops gurgling and spitting. I wish you luck.
  • Can I not just chuck the coil in the bin and replace it?
  • Yes, you can just replace it. I figured that you were wanting salvage the current one.
  • Sorry I didn't explain myself. I watched a few YouTube video's after I posted here and still wasn't to sure. Should state it in the faq's or in the instructions on what to do if this does happen. I replaced it and will not do it again lol. Thank you midnightwolf
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    there is a max filling line reminder on the tank,please don't over filling the tank

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