Triton 1.8 coils defective?

The last 4 boxes of coils I have purchased have looked like this and don't last but a few days - same juice, same setup (Melo2 tank) that I have been using for over a year. They are authentic, I checked, but the cotton barely covers the wires and I don't remember them looking like this before. Are these normal and just the way they are being made now?
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  • @jceop From the picture,we can not find that the cotton barely covers the wires.
    We still make the triton 1.8ohm coil
  • @Tina Really???? Do you not see the top wire of the coil above the cotton? These coils are defective and I am disappointed that you won't admit they are a bad batch, or maybe they are just skimping on the components now. I think I need to find a new tank and use another brand of coils.
  • @jceop hello,do you mean the wire on the top?That's the wire leading , it doesn't need to cover cotton.
    I have passed your picture to our engineer,we really don't find any problem from your picture.
    The coils are consumables, the use frequency, battery voltage/wattage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid,how long do a puff last... all can impact the coils' life. We think that there is no standard during the electronic cigarette industry to measure the coils' life.

  • @jceop did you confirm that these are genuine coils online? The mesh looks a little funny, but it might just be the pic...
  • @watkijw I did check the authenticity and there doesn't seem to be a problem there, but I still think they are either defective or they are purposely making them this way, which is sad. They don't last as long and I know they had more cotton in them in the past. Time for a new tank that doesn't use Aspire coils.
  • Sorry you feel that way. I hope you find something out there that works for you.
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