Review of Cleito SS316L Coil

I finally am trying the 316L for the Cleito today. I must say it is a pretty great coil. It is actually one of the first coils in a tank atomizer that I have used that has worked nicely with Temperature Control(TC). The flavor is pretty great on it. The test device is a Wismec Reuleaux DNA200. Since it is an Evolv DNA200 chip, the results will are similar on all devices using the same chip. The wattage mode for the coil works nicely and gets pretty good results. The clouds are nice and the flavor is a little more pure than with the same 0.4Ohm Kanthal coil. In TC mode, this is where it really shines. In tanks, the TC mode tends to be iffy due to the fact that the coil is surrounded by your e-liquid. It tends to cool down and it is harder to get dialed in. Not with the Cleito SS316L coil. It performs as it should and the results are a rich flavor with a nice warm dense cloud. Your results will vary depending on the device you are using. I am using the wire profile for SS316L Elite from Steam-Engine for my material profile for the DNA200. I am using a preheat of 90W at 0.5 seconds and nominal Wattage of 65W. I did a few tests of a few different temps but decided to share the results from the Device Monitor for the max temp rating Aspire gave of 530F. As you can see, the coil gets to the temperature and cycles to stay at the rated temp as it should. I am very impressed with the results. I have used SS316L in RDAs before and the results were not as good as with this coil. I would love to see a Cleito 120 version of this coil that can handle even more wattage with similar temperature range. Great job Aspire.
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