hi. so I thought I made bought a nautilus mini premium kit and other stuff from Aspire USA site, yesterday, I converted the currency to GBP and thought all good and products delivered by DHL paid extra for reliable how s it that I got paypal payment confirmation that my money has gone to a merchant called Lui tuan fang and not Aspire............but I also got confirmation of my order from Aspire or was it Aspire ??????????? but I was what I thought is an official Aspire online site. im so confused................
any advice from an official from genuine Aspire team member please would be great
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  • Hello friend ,
    Yes ,the order is from Aspire . That is our paypal account name . You can confirm Aspire paypal account address :

    Aspire official online store :

    This is your order
    Invoice No. 201441314
    1 x Aspire Premium kit consisting of nautilus mini and VV+ battery
    - Standard: UK standard
    1 x Aspire Nautilus Mini Replacement Tank with Hollowed-out Sleeve
    And it was shipped yesterday ,you can get the tracking number later from

    Best Regards !
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