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I went from an Aspire K3 to K4 as I could adjust the air flow, however, I can never seem to always get a throat hit with the K4, when it's fully charged I do get the throat hit but as the battery goes down so does the throat hit.

I am using an 80/20 blend with 6mg of nicotine, is there a way to get better throat hits?
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  • @Kian1810

    To get better throat hit use a higher PG content juice. Higher VG juice will give you less throat hit. Also upping your nic content a bit will also increase throat hit.
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    @charlzrocks would another atomizer make any difference, I am currely using the 0.27, the battery isn't the best either.
  • @Kian1810

    If the battery is firing the coil you have (0.27ohm) then there isn't anything wrong with the battery or the coil. If you aren't satisfied with the heat of the vapor you are getting, I suggest getting a higher wattage mod. Throat hit will be affected by the airflow that you have. The more airflow introduced to the vapor, the less throat hit you will get. Are you vaping DTL or MTL?
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