Aspire NX100 firmware

Hello, i am Denny, aspire nx100 user from south borneo, indonesia.
Update nx100 firmware please, i'm using nx100 with versi 01.. update my firmware please... thx
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  • @dkurniawan

    Why? There haven't been any NX100 firmware updates yet.
  • @charlzrocks

    I used nx100 version 01, but my nx75 version 06
    I'm still waiting new version for my nx100
  • @dkurniawan thank you for supporting aspire.
    If you want any new functions to be added to the NX100 mod,please feel free to tell me.
    We need first collect the new functions information to our products development department,then they will analyze and confirm that if it is possible to make the new functins come into truth.
  • @Tina your welcome, i love aspire and i have aspire NX75 and aspire NX100.
    Maybe you can copy firmware NX75 apply to NX100 for example auto rotation and more symbol
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    @dkurniawan Thank you .I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department.
    Our firmware engineer will analyze and confirm if it is possible.
    If I get any updated information,I will share the information here
  • @Tina thanks a lot Mrs.Tina
    I'll waiting update firmware for NX100
    And i'll share with all NX100 users too
    Have a nice day
  • @dkurniawan My pleasure.
    Thank you for your support. :D
  • Hi,
    Just bought the nx100 . Sad to see it not getting the similar updates and love like the nx75.

    Please update the same features as provided for the nx75.

    Please consider adding a clock for the lock screen. Only feature I miss in comparison to my old Joyetech evic vtwo mini.

    Thanks. Looking forward to your response.
  • It would be nice to switch screen 90 degrees so to have the text perpendicular to the mod and not parallel. Just a matter of aesthetic,not a big deal... I must say I don't completely like the layout as it is now, and maybe let us modify the color of all the texts would be another plus (having the logo and the lock white over and under a colored text looks very bad to me)
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