What is the best mouth to lung tank ?

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What is the best mouth to lung tank ?please feel free to tell us your opinion.
which is the best mouth to lung tank ?
  1. which is the best mouth to lung tank ?8 votes
    1. Nautilus&Nautilus mini
    2. Triton mini
    3. Nautilus X
    4. K3 tank
    5. If your choice doesn't list below,please write down your answer
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  • I've tried them all and for me, it's now the Nautilus 2 with those 1.8 coils. Delicious!
  • Although I like the Triton mini almost as much, the Nautilus X is an easier fill.
  • Nautilus x with 1.8ohm
    Try the new pocketx coil and it is tasteless...

    After the U coil tech did you want to try W coil tech for mtl :)
  • MTL? Tough one. I like the Nautilus X and Triton Mini with the 1.8 Ohm Clapton
  • For me I like K3 tank a lot.
  • I agree, Nautilus X with 1.8 Ohm coil. The only problem I have is finding a reliable retailer in the states to carry this coil. They all only have the 1.5 Ohm.
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    I've tried the rest, but I keep going back to the best. Aspire's original Triton coupled with a DNA 200 MOD and a Vaporesso Ni200 ceramic coil gets my vote. This combo reaches vaping temp in less than 1/2 sec, even at temperatures of 0°C; and with a 2-3 second puff puts it solidly into the MTL category. The taste is very good, the tank has ample capacity, and is easy to fill. This setup most closely mimics the smoking experience.
  • I've been using a Nautilis X for the last 6 weeks with the 1.8ohm that came already fitted and it's still good,I'm using roughly 25ml per week of 70/30vg,with 8ml nic,with an Eleaf 100 istick mod at 12.5w,it's my favourite tank,easy to fill and you can adjust the airflow to get as tight a draw as you like.

    My only complaint is it's only a 2ml tank,you have to buy a 4ml adapter kit

    It would be better if you got the 4ml kit in with the original tank when purchsed
  • Triton mini with Nautilus mini coil 1.8 for me. You can change the coil with liquid in the Triton tank as well....i like that.
  • I use the Nautilus 8ml glass tank on a dual VRK18650 mod called the Geekvap Aegis.
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