Quick Archon review

Background-Vaping for 2 months, started with Tesla 100w mod. Been using the Archon for two weeks with Cleito and Cleito 120 tanks. I can say I have no issues, complaints or negative things to mention. I guess I'm fortunate to have found this unit early on. I've never had to use a "DNA" device, or a mod with only the two or three buttons. Having instant access to changing wattage, coil material, or temp without having to go through multiple steps or button combinations is a benefit you enjoy each time you use it. I like using two batteries for longer run time. Everything fits perfectly. No goofy coatings, fiddly battery doors, or other build issues. At first I thought the auto flip screen was a gimmick, but you really do find it useful. I like that the screen is deeply recessed to protect it from scratches and damage. I don't give a damn whether any tanks I might use overhang. I don't give a damn I never get the chance to "update" the firmware. That's complicating the Cornflakes. I'm shocked this doesn't get more hype at $50.
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