ASPIRE ARCHON clicking noise?

I've had my aspire Archon for three days now and today all of a sudden it started making a clicking noise when the electronics are turned on,and it won't go away. Anyone else having this issue?
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  • @mike2for1

    I have not heard of this problem with the Archon so far. Your best bet (if the product is Genuine Aspire) is to contact Aspire Customer Service and tell them about it.
    Start here for instructions on how to do that:
    Let us know what happens!
  • @charlzrocks I have been trying to get in touch with aspire now for four days. I spoke with Demi three days ago and she said to send a video of the noise it was making. I sent the video and never heard a response back and sent three more emails on different occasions. I try to catch them when the live chat thing is on but they never answer back. I need some help because all the other archons I've tested do not make this clicking noise??
  • @mike2for1

    I know that @Tina has been in Russia for a few days...@Demi can you address this man's quandry?
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    @mike2for1 Demi has replied your email yesterday,please check your inbox.
    I also saw your video,i only hear clicking voice.This is normal voice.I have a archon mod,there is clicking voice while i click the fire button to vape.
    The button is elastic,not fixed,Otherwise,the button will get stuck not working.
  • It's not a clicking noise from the button, it's the electronics making this noise
  • Still haven't resolved the issue I'm having with my archon mod. I just want to return it and get a working one that doesn't make the clicking noise and I don't mean the clicking noise from The fire button. The noise comes from the electronics.And now basically that means if I do return it, i basically won't have my mod for at least another month or more. I just want my mod to work properly.thank you
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    @mike2for1 I and Demi, and our engineers team all saw your video.We tried to hear the voice from your video.
    But We only can hear the click noise. We can not hear the voice you reminded above. :(
    If more question,please feel free to contact our service for further support.
  • Hi, I have the same issue the clicking or ticking noise coming from the USB input. Can only be heard when close to the ear. I've been told it's the mod constantly checking the resistance of the atomiser. I could be wrong as Aspire haven't gave me a definite answer. Was this every resolved?

    Many Thanks
  • @Jay Hello,after checking with our engineer, This is not a problem of the product.the voice means the components on the board inside the mod is working.
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