The different materials the Aspire box mods are made of ...

I would like to make a little recap here of all coating materials that Aspire has used for its box mods untill now.
What is your preferred one ?

ESP 30W : a carbon style, still used with the CF batteries; hard plastic with a carbon pattern skin I think.
Only in black (but blue, red and grey existed for the CF).
It had a nice touch anyway.

Pegasus : the large model, nice heavy metallic brushed box. Slate, Brass and Chrome versions.
Still one of my nicest looking Aspire mods.

Pegasus mini : much lighter little box, in aluminium I suppose. Gold (!), Silver or Black finishes.
Very cute.

Plato : Here also an Aluminium cover but in brushed finish (except the white one) and in 7 different colours.
The eighth colour, "Weathered gold" has never come out and been withdrawn.
Two colour models (white and grey) have a black border and inside, the others have it in white.
I liked that brushed aluminium feeling.

NX75 : This recent box is made in 3 different finishes :
Zinc alloy (white, red, black and Stainless steel). Rather heavy box, nicely painted coating (SS version ?).
Aluminium alloy : available in 5 different colours. Beautiful soft aluminium coating that gives a beautiful finish.
Stainless steel version : the only one in it's category : heavy weight ! Feels very strong ! Tremendous finish here !
All model have rather sharp edges that can be softened using a silicon cover.

Archon : also Aluminium, like its half brother Plato, but with a silky finish here that I prefer to the brushed Plato one.
Available in 3 colours (grey, blue and black) with a yellow-orange border and inside.

NX30 : the only one I don't own, so I think it's Aluminium, but not sure.
Comes in 4 colours.

NX100 : the last model at the moment. Comes in 3 colours : red, black and white.
Has the same touch than the NX75 Zinc version but it is lighter, so painted aluminium perhaps ?
What would be super looking here would be a limited (first one for me though !) Stainless Steel CNC Edition ! ! !
(or a metallic one like for the Pegasus). And of course a silicon sleeve for protection.

Did I forget something ?

In all cases, I think that Aspire has the sensibility of making beautiful looking and nicely feeling box mods with lots of variations in metals and colours.
Please keep that path Aspire !

Thanks for reading and please give me your thoughts about this.
(and sorry for my bad English ...).

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  • @Cegoca

    Nice rundown on the mod finishes. I guess we will have to wait till Tina gets back from Russia to find out what the NX100 is made of. I believe both the NX30 and NX100 are the same Zinc Alloy as the NX75, but I could be wrong. Aluminum is kinda pricey and dents easily so I think that it may be a tougher grade alloy than aluminum.
  • The problem is that the smaller NX75-Z already weights more than the NX100 (no cell and no ato : 168g for 147g).
    Just the battery cover only is 66g for the nx75 and only 44g for the NX100.

    So yes, please @Tina, what is that mystery alloy the NX100 is made off ?
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