Better glass protection on Cleito

My husband has broken 5 or 6 of the Cleito glass tanks, the regular and the 5ml bubble glass. The vape band doesn't help on either one. Can you make a steel sleeve like they did for Nautilus, Triton and Atlantis?
Steel Sleeve for Cleito
  1. Do you think Aspire should make a replacement steel sleeve for the Cleito tank?3 votes
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  • @shannonheidgerken

    I think that your husband is just too rough on his vaping equipment. If you look at the majority of the tanks that have been recently been released by Aspire AND other manufacturers, there are very few with steel sleeves (the Aspire Triton V1 being the exception). Also, I feel that the vape bands act like a compression device when put around the glass and when bumped too hard can cause the glass to fail rather than support it.
  • @shannonheidgerken thank you so much for supporting aspire
    I will pass your requirement to our products development department
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