Pegasus 70w mod problem

hi , i have an pegasus 70w mod , the battery is an 18650 samsung -25r 20amp (green one ) , rda little boy .... i never get the full power , i calculated the watts with diferent coils and i get maximum 50 watts even if i set the mod at 70 w.....
I heared that i need to use a 35 - 40 amps battery ... its that true ?
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  • @Suicide

    You may be experiencing the "Stepdown Protection" feature on the Pegasus mod. You may indeed have to go to a higher amp battery for your needs. See this excerpt from the owners manual:image
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    Stepdown.jpg 57.4K
  • yeah ... it might be the battery .... but i think its strange .... im new in mods and batterys and things like that but i know that a 20 am battery should suport 70 watt .... or the mod use some of the amps for his hardware ?
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    @suicide What are your coils resistances ?

    At 70 W with a charged battery, you will need about 19 A so the Samsung 25R should do, unless it is not so recent ... ?
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    @Cegoca i dont know if it is original or if is old... i think it is
    if the battery is ok ... my theory is that the mod use some of the power to power himself .... i dnt really know , but if its true it need too mutch power and i dont like this :( , and it discharge preatty fast
    Now the mod is almoast fully charged
    set to : 70 watt
    voltage : 3.16
    resistence : 0.25
    so the real wattage is 40 watt and drains 12 amps or so... with a full f***** battery
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    If you are not sure how old your battery is or here it came from and what it's history is; you better buy a new one (A>=20).
    Plain security reason.
    (and never use a mod at it's maximum).
  • @Cegoca , why not to use the mod at max ?
  • Never push anything to it's maximum ... just a rule to spare your material.
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