K2 and K3 tank compatibility with Pegasus Mod


Pretty new to vaping and have got a Pegasus mod with Triton 2 tank. Not happy with the tank to say the least. First one spat, gurgled and leaked. Was replaced with a new T2 by seller and this one doesn't leak but floods and gurgles if left idle for any longer than 10 mins. Can't bring myself to ask for a third tank from the seller so am considering buying a cheaper tank that's going to be hassle free.

So my question is, are the K2 and K3 clearomisers compatible with pegasus mod? They're a lot cheaper and seem to get really great reviews. Being new to the game it's not an issue that they lack the bells and whistles of the Triton 2.

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  • @stakka

    My first question to you is: Have you checked the scratch off to see if the tank and mod are authentic Aspire products? The fakes are well known to leak and have the problems you are having! See this thread to see how to check: https://forums.aspirecig.com/discussion/27688/check-your-aspire-scratch-off-code-for-authenticity#latest If they are not authentic, I suggest you return the whole lot to the retailer and find another source that sells the real thing!
  • @stakka

    Next question: Are you a mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) vaper? If you are DTL vaping I suggest the Cleito tank. It is inexpensive and gives excellent taste and clouds. If you are MTL vaping I suggest the Nautilus X tank.
  • The tanks are legit, scratched and checked for both. I've read a lot about similar problems with the T2. I know a lot of units work fine but mine seem to have been duds.

    Looking for a cheap no frills alternative for the moment, hence my questions about compatibility of the K2 and K3?

  • @stakka

    I couldn't recommend either for the Pegasus mod as they usually come as a kit with battery. I wouldn't know what wattage range that you should vape in with either of those tanks. My suggestions still stand as in the post above with either the Cleito or the Nautilus X.
  • Thanks mate, does anyone else know if they're compatible?
  • @stakka You can use the K2 and the K3 tank on the pegasus mod with the suggested wattage.But We don't suggest:
    First:The maxi output wattage of the pegasus is 70W,while the K2 tank use the BVC series coil like ET-S,ET...,the resistance of the coil is 1.6ohm ,suggest wattage is 6-9W;The k3 tank use the nautilus BVC coil,the resistance of the coil is 1.8ohm,suggest wattage:9-13W.
    Second:It is not beautiful to compatible the K2 and K3 tank with the Pegasus mod.
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