Different .4 ohm Cleito coils on the market, orange vs. Grey gaskets?

So I have multiple Cleito tanks and between the atomizer that came with the tank and two different purchases of replacement atomizer I have ended up with 2 types of .4 ohm atomizer for the Cleito. One is a SS316L/0.4ohm 55-65W 450-530 degrees F, that has grey rubber spacers, the other just says .4 ohm 40-60W and has orange rubber spacers.

I can tell a big difference in the taste between these two different atomizers. I prefer the SS316L but I would like to know what .4 ohm atomizers Aspire is currently producing and what the differences are. Did I get a batch of older ones or what?

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    I also have both 0.4 Ohm coils (but I prefer the "orange" ones).
    Both are indeed from Aspire except I have black rubbers and not grey ones on my SS coils.

    You can use the SS coils in either power mode or Temperature Control mode.

    There are also 0.2 and 0.27 ohm coils that also have orange rubbers. All 3 oranges are claptonized kanthal coils.

    More here : online.aspirecig.com/cleito-c-22.html
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