Aspire Atlantis tank won't stay tight!!!

I've been vaping my aspire Atlantis tank 1 for around a year now and I've run into some dud coils before both Aspire and amigo. I switched to only amigo coils for a few months now. For some reason for the past 2 coils I screw them into the top, fill and when they start to get tight it pops and is only screwed into the bottom. (air intake) So I try to get it close to being tight and turn it right side up and it twists freely but doesn't seem to leak. Please help I have a feeling I'll grab for it one day and it'll just come apart and ruin my mod!!!
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  • @allieliza

    Sorry, but due to the fact that you are not using standard Aspire branded parts there is nothing that we can recommend. The threads on the off brand coils that you are using may have stripped the threading area on the Atlantis or the threads on the aftermarket coils that you are using could be faulty.
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