Changing language on the NX75-Z

I'm not fully sure how to change language on the NX75-Z device. The manual says to change the language while installing the battery, but maybe I don't quite understand. If I take the battery out, there's no way to change the language, since the device is off. If I put in the battery, pressing the fire button fires up the device. At what stage of installing the battery is there the option to change language? Sorry for the confusion.
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    Remove the battery, push the fire button and keep it pushed while putting the battery back.
    Firmware will display, then "EN CH" to choose the language.
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    @cegoca is correct. Here is the directions from the NX75 user manual.
    Language Selection: Pressing the fire button while
    installing the battery will bring up the firmware version
    then you may select English and Chinese language.
    Press “+” or “-” button to select, fire button to confirm.
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