Cleito 120 Juice Dump

Out of 12 coils, 4 have dumped juice. Not just a slight leak. Dumps. Like everything in the tank. It never happens immediately, but days after installation. I use it just fine up to that point, then set the rig down. I come back later (or wake up) and there's an empty tank and a puddle of juice on my desk or nightstand. Or once, in the cupholder in my car. Thankfully it was a rental. ;)

Each time, there's a divot that is visible through the wick openings. Is it just coincidence? Or is the wick pulling away or something?

Whatever it is, It's frustrating that I can't trust this thing to not just dump juice through the air ports. A leaky TFV4 destroyed one of my mods and I'm afraid that something similar will happen here as well. Not just loss of expensive juice and wasted coil, but damage to my mod as well.


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  • @DurocShark

    First, did you check the scratch off to make sure that it is an authentic Aspire product and not a "Fake/Clone"?
    The knock offs that are being sold are notorius for leaking through the coils.
  • So nobody else who uses the Cleito 120 has experienced this?
  • I am also having serious issues with this, 4 out of 6 of my tanks are dumping juice constantly. Yes they are authentic as I am still using the spares from the initial kit. I love the flavor from the tank but can't use it with this issue. I think there is a serious quality control issue with the coil manufacturing.
  • I'm still using mine, and have identified two triggers for this behavior.

    1. Tank isn't assembled tightly enough. With these kinds of seals, I had figured snug would be best. But a friend suggested really cranking down on the coil and the top. Eliminated 90% of the issue.
    2. Dry hit burned a hole in the wick. Yep. If you taste burnt cotton, replace the coil at once. Otherwise, you run the risk of juice just pouring through where the cotton wicking USED to be.

    I haven't had a juice dump in a while now since I started following those two rules. Unfortunately, I'm chewing through drip tips by cross threading them, and by really cranking down on the assembly, I have to use pliers to get it apart. I picked up a set of nylon jaw non-marring pliers for this. Takes some practice to disassemble with these though. Slip off the metal and you crack the glass. DAMHIKT.
  • How to fill a Cleito (well, it's what I do ...) :
    Close the airholes
    Open top cap and fill it up
    Start closing the top cap and as soon as you feel some resistance, turn the whole thing upside down while continuing to close it (has something to do with pressure ... do not ask for details please ...).
    Open the airflow (I then clean it up a bit).
    Turn it back to normal after a few seconds.

    This will avoid most of the leaking.
    Cleito coils have huge wicking holes in order to allow big clouds.
    That being said, I still have to find out why these atos sometimes do leak, sometimes they don't ... changes in atmospheric pressure perhaps ?
    It remains a mystery to me ... but when the leaking becomes too much, it is time to change the coil.
  • Cleito 120 doesn't have the same design as the Cleito. Can't close the top cap while filling since the drip tip *is* the top cap and has to be completely removed.
  • @DurocShark There are two ways to fill the cleito 120 tank.
    First,you can screw the whole top cap out ,then fill the e-juice into the tank.
    Second,you can just screw off the drip tip ,then fill e-juice into the tank from the filling hole on the top cap.

  • Both ways can be done my way, but I prefer the second one Tina mentions.
  • @Tina Yep, the drip tip is the only way. If you remove the whole top, the tank gets loose enough not to hold the seal at the bottom.
  • @DurocShark I have pass your kind suggestion to our products develop department.
    Your suggestion always welcome. :)
  • @Tina, thanks. I just wish I could do it without removing the drip tip. The threads get chewed up. And all the replacements appear to be in China. No stores sell them here. :( I tried to order them from Aspire's online store once, but could never complete the transaction for some reason. My ADD kicked in and I never went back. :\">
  • I hav e a cleito 120 I've noticed that if you remove the whole top cap to fill it creates hydrolic pressure if it's filled by removing the drip tip only it won't force feed your coilwhich will result in a non leaking tank
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