Another Seller trying to pass off fakes as authentic Aspire products

Recieved a couple boxes of Atomizers for my Cleito and the top won't tighten onto the coil, just spins... thought it was just my top but tried it on another and the same thing, wont tighten. Tried two more coils and the same thing....put the old coil back in and tightened right up. Checked the authenticity code on the website and shocker my code had already been used once, but the other box had not been yet, either way both boxes are fake.... the seller on ebay is Vaporbuddy. imageimageimage
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  • I buy my coils off ebay. Now this person may be a certified distributor, but it doesn't mean that all their products are authentic.
    Tips: Read the description of the product is it's labeled as unbranded, generic or some other name than what it should be, then obviously it is a clone.
    And if you are still not sure, send the seller a message and ask.
    And it is possible to get a bad batch of coils. When you mass produce tiny parts that have been made a million times QC doesn't even check these parts anymore. And the guys they have making that's supposed to check to make sure that his parts are good, they check sometimes. But if this guy accidentally makes a bunch of scrap, he's not going to say a word especially if he knows no one else is checking.
    Most coils are about the same price, and factor shipping. Now if you see a box of coils for 3 dollars and it's coming from the country famous for knock offs and you buy them. You have a very good chance of owning this fancy bridge in UK that I have for sale. And I'll throw in free shipping.
  • @Tonedef7279

    Sorry to hear that you have been scammed!
    Contact Ebay to return the products as fake knockoffs and get your money back! Thanks for the notification!
  • @charlzrocks thats the plan, they tried offering me a 50% refund, then a 70% refund but i'm telling them to kick rocks... they said it was probably a bad batch, but seriously how would a bad batch result in the threads not being machined correctly? haha. Im planning on going straight to ebay and getting my money back cause this seller is trying to pass off fakes as authentic.
  • @Tonedef7279

    Good for you, give 'em both barrels! :-bd
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