Massive Nautilus X disappointment

Hi guys, I've been an Aspire fan for quite some time, I gave up smoking using the Nautilus Mini kit which was great, I then moved onto the full size nautilus which was just as great. So, it was only logical when the Nautilus X was announced that I should further upgrade, initially I was very impressed with the X, until after 2 days the first coils burnt out, so, thinking it was a bad coil I swapped it for the new one supplied. Another day and a half and that one burnt out too, but I persevered and bought another 1.6 ohm replacement, this one managed to almost a week, then burnt out. I then bought a pack of 1.8 ohm replacements to see if that made any difference, and they did, they gave me another day, which isn't good enough.
Now, before anyone chimes in, I prepped all coils and left them in the tank to absorb juice for at least five minutes before firing, I also have been using 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30 juices, none of which affect how quickly the coil starts tasting burnt. But just for FYI, 80/20 will burn the coil out almost immediately.
I almost can't put into words how woefully disappointed in this nautilus X I am, I just feel let down, the design and look of the tank is brilliant, I have the 4ml extension fitted and it looks and feels great, I just wished it worked as well.
Unless there is a gratis fix for this issue (Vast improvements to coils or the like) then this will be my last aspire product and I will spread the word of how woeful this product is.
As such, can any of you recommend a tank that is as low profile as the natuilus x (with 4ml extension) but that actually works as an MTL?
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  • @andykllhr

    It sounds to me like you are chain vaping at a wattage above the recommendation for the coil. I run my 1.8ohm coils no higher than the recommended 16 watts. Aspire coils have the wattage rating printed directly on the coil. If it's not there, it could be a fake coil. I have used both the Nautilus X and the Triton Mini and both work great for MTL vaping IMO. I have never burnt a coil with either of these tanks.
  • I was a Nautilus Mini user and switched to Nautilus X two months ago. I'm using the 4ML adapter kit as otherwise the 2ML TPD compliant default tank tip heats too much . I'm using unflavoured 60/40 PG/VG and only replaced the 1.8 coil recently, vaping around 12 ML daily at 14W.

    Not sure what's OP problem, are you using a sweet flavour juice? Halo's High VG Belgian Chocolate used to destroy my Nautilus Mini BVCs coils instantly but had some success with the Nautilus X.

    Also confirm both tank and coils are genuine and you're using the recommended power written on the coils.
  • I have to ask, you mentioned 1.6 Ohm coils. I believe the only genuine coils for this tank are 1.5 Ohm, and 1.8 Ohm. I highly suggest the 1.8 Ohm coils.

    Make absolutely sure you are getting genuine Aspire coils and check the codes on the website!
  • I didnt like the X when I first got it due to the hit in the back of my throat but got used to it and it was really cute on my aspire battery but, changed the coils and it wouldn't work, nothing, not even a flicker. Another new coil, same problem. Tried the x on a cool fire and it worked, back on the aspire battery-nothing. Tried my old nautilus on the aspire battery and worked a treat. It must be something to do with the coils in the x. It looks really stubby and neat, but just doesn't work.
    Gutted to say the least.
  • @MadMama which Aspire battery are you using, and which coils? Did you check the coils online for authenticity?
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