Nautilus X MTL false advertising?

I was excited to see a new MTL tank out on the market
Ordered 2 x off the bat with extra coils and 4 ml tank expansions
Coming from a innokin T18/22 and my friend having the Nautilus Mini, it had to be an improvement right.

How wrong I was, neither my friend or myself have been able to replicate anything close to MTL vaping with the Nautilus X compared to our current tanks.
Either there is no resistance with the airflow open, or no vapour with it close to closed off

I will give it that the flavour is enhanced, but MTL no way. At best I would call it a tight direct lung tank

Can someone explain to me how this is classified as a MTL tank when MTL to me and other MTL vapors would associate MTL with something like the Nautilus Mini?
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  • @MoDementia

    What wattage setting are you using on what resistance coils?
  • Hi,
    Original 1.5 ohm coil

    19 Watts before I could get something happening
  • @MoDementia

    I am running my 1.8 ohm at 15 watts (rated for 12-16 watts) and the 1.5 ohm is rated for 14-20 watts. I didn't care for the 1.5 ohm coils at all (too hot) and really love the MTL on the 1.8ohm coils. I have the AFC open half way. Mine gives me the same amount of vapor that I would get from an analog cigarette on one pull. You might want to try the 1.8 ohm coil sometime!
  • So I have tried the 1.8 ohm coil, and still not quite what I was expecting, at least it is a decent MTL vape now, different to the T22 but maybe better when I get used to it.

    What next,
    I have to buy a kit with 2 coils I don't want, 2 2ml glass tanks I don't want, and then buy the tank and the coils I need ....

    If it wasn't false advertising to begin with I wouldn't be in this position.
  • @MoDementia

    The fact that this tank is not up to your expectations of a MTL tank does not make anything false advertising. To date on this forum I have seen only one complaint regarding an unsatisfactory MTL experience with the Nautilus X. Everyone vapes differently and this tank is made with a lowered airflow to accomodate MTL vapers in specific. This is where the terminology "Your Mileage May Vary" comes into play. Sorry you are not satisfied.
  • I am a strictly MTL vaper, and I really like this tank. In fact, I bought a second one. I also like the 1.8 Ohm coils much better, though they are hard to find unless you buy from Aspire directly. Personally, I crank the 1.5 coils up to about 22 Watts.

    Did you happen to see the Airflow Control right under the drip tip? You can adjust this to your liking, and it sounds like almost closed would be your preference. I would urge you to play around with that before you write this tank off. The Nautilus has long been a favorite of mine, and I find this new tank to be an improvement.

    Best of luck to you.
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