PC can't detect Plato on firmware upgrade

I've installed the windows app to upload V05, seems to install fine.
I remove battery, plug in usb, install battery and the windows app doesn't see my Plato.

Tried different usb ports and a different pc, both Win 7.
Installed using administrator account.

I can see the usb driver in Device Manager and it pops up a HID device when I plug the Plato in but the app doesn't detect it.

Any ideas?
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  • Have you opened the app (clic on the shortcut) after putting back the battery ?
    Do you use the correct cable ? (black and white plugs) ?
  • Yes, plugged in, inserted battery, opened app.
    I've watched YouTube videos where it's demonstrated and I believe I'm doing everything correctly.
    Cable is the supplied b+w cable.

    Windows 7 Pro 64bit.
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    The steps on firmware update are as blow:
    First download the firmware file and install the set up tool onto your computer.
    second:remove battery,;
    Third:plug in usb
    Three: install battery.
    Please first make sure that you install the set up tool onto your computer successfully.
    If firmware update didn't work,please repeat steps 2-3
  • @HeebyGeeby please check what's the firmware version of your plato?
  • @Tina I followed those steps exactly.

    When I check the firmware, pressing fire button whilst installing battery, it says V06, which seems weird, thought the latest was v05?
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    @HeebyGeeby Some users gave their suggestion that it is not very convenience to update the firmware of plato.
    We took users suggestion into account :Before shipping out the plato,we update the firmware version to V06.the firmware v06 contains the functions of V04 and V05.Then users don't need do update
    So If you got the plato with firmware version V06,it is not updated ,Because we don't have new firmware version for the plato at present.
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