My wife has been using Nautilus for a few years but in her chain vaping the only issue she has is (aside of coil life) juice capacity. I know another company makes a box AIO with 10ml capacity but is there any plan or product available with perhaps a 7 or 8ml capacity?
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  • Sorry, nothing that I am aware of.
  • The Plato has 6ml and uses the Nautilus coils.
    I think that is the maximum Aspire offers for the moment.
  • There are some 3rd party tank replacements that are high in capacity. Google them since I can't post a link due to not being officially Aspire products.
  • I found a few bubble tanks to replace her glass that allow for an additional 2ml capacity but honestly I dont know why the industry as a whole is locked in capacity. You buy a car for example doesnt matter how big it is the fuel capacity allows for +/- 500-600 miles before a refuel. In vaping they make the tanks bigger the coils bigger for higher wattage or custom builds but none of these guys seem to be able to let go of 5ml or at the most 7ml in capacity. Drippers are for flavor swapping. People who want an all day run who chain vape use a tank and they just hate to have to refill the thing 2-3 times a day or more if they chain vape.
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