First impressions with the Archon ...

What I have been hoping for happened ... Aspire releases a double cell mod, the Archon.
It has the same dimensions as the Plato only that the tank has been replaced by a second battery cell.
The coating is really silky and all buttons are well put.

I was really happy to find back the CFBP feature that the NX75 box already has.

The match with a 22mm diameter clearo like my Cleito, Atlantis Evo or the Quad-flex is perfect.

Just beware of the "Bypass" mode on a double cell mod, this comes very hard over (to be removed next firmware update ?).

Perhaps the scale of the power curve display should be automatically adapted to it's programmed maximum (see the second picture where I do not go over the 45W but the scale's maximum is 150W, makes a very low graph).

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