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im trying to find out what the status of my order is???
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  • What does it say on your account ?
  • it says shipped with a tracking code ..i check the code and the shipper has had it since the 21 of this month but no movement since...

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  • Hi Troy ,
    So sorry for the trouble .
    Usually it takes 8-20 workdays ,pls kindly check it later ,and I will ask the transporting company to update ASAP .
    Have a nice day . :)
  • hi

    @demi thanks for your attention

  • hi

    I have still not received my order, nor has the shipper given updates for tracking


  • @Demi or @Tina can anyone help this guy out?
  • Hi Troy ,
    Sorry ,I got the reply that everything is OK .Pls kindly wait for some time ,it often updates when the package was arrived in the local post office . I will follow it ,and any tracking information ,we will contact you .
    Apologize for the trouble again .
  • hi

    @demi thanks for looking into this....i made this (my second order) as a look at your cheaper shipping option...lol..i know from now on to order/ship the other way....your products and service are all top notch and i have no worries that it will eventually get to me.

    i am an ex-smoker and have been vaping for only 2 months....i started with the aspire premium starter kit and quickly(3 weeks) moved to the evo75(balck) kit...since that time i have purchased a second nx75 mod(red) and with the"evo" tank and the "natalius x" tanks, i feel they all satisfy my needs for now.

    i know i will continue to purchase all of my add-on's from aspire because of the quality of your workmanship..it is excellent...lol...now i just need the third nx75 mod in white or stainless to make a complete set...lol

    thanks again

  • @trojan thank you for supporting aspire.
    Your kind suggestion will always welcome.
  • @trojan
    You will get the package recently ,pls note the delivery .This is the new tracking information ,

    2016-10-09 16:35 RICHMOND,BC, Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing.
    2016-09-21 09:29 CNSZXD,China, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
    2016-09-20 20:01 518104,China, International item mailed in originating country

    And thanks for your understanding and supporting .
  • HI

    @DEMI AND @ TINA .....as of this post still no arrival, by demi's post i see it arrived canada 3 days ago , so it should arrive to me in another few days or so...will let you know when it does...thanks for the attention to this order.

    lol....here in canada we call regular mail ..."snail mail" because it can be quite slow....i guess its the same for your country also...lol

  • hi

    just a note...i received my order today yay yay !!!.....it took 28 days ...bad snail mail...but it did arrive ...thanks @tina , @demi , @charles for your help

  • now its time to outfit the evo with the fatty clieto glass...5ml here i come...lol

  • @trojan

    Congratulations on taking delivery!!! :D I love my Fatboy tank on my Cleito!
  • 6 Cleito's and one Evo here ... all with the fatty on it ! :x
  • My Evo stays the same. No fatty tank, I love the low profile.
  • @trojan thank you for the information.
    Enjoy your products ;;)
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