Why do new atomizers taste so bad?

And is there any way to remedy that besides blowing an entire tank's worth of liquid out until it stops smelling and tasting like burnt oil?

Barring that, are there any other brands that don't do this?
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  • You obviously don't prime your new coil (otherwise, you would have told so).
    A few drops inside the coil and on the wicking holes, a few minutes wait, gradually increase the wattage and take a dozen small puffs without inhaling.
    That should do it.

    Other brands ? They are much worse ! :D
  • @Cegoca I do prime it. I drip liquid onto all 4 holes for about 5 minutes solid until it literally won't absorb anymore and just runs down the side, then let it sit in teh tank for about 20 minutes before using it. Still tastes like burnt oil for the first tank.
  • I read somewhere that soaking new atomizers in rubbing alcohol for a bit, then thoroughly rinsing them out with water helps, but that seems like a lot of work.
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    Never heard about that.
    Why don't you volunteer and try that with just one coil ? ;)

    I have about ten awful first puffs then the bad taste goes away, but it's certainly not a full tank !
  • And like always, beware of fake coils !
  • @Cegoca Will have to give it a shot. Put a new atomizer in about an hour ago, still blowing out for about 5 seconds at a time every couple minutes, still tastes and smells horrible. Takes this long every single time. Really tired of these shitty things.
  • Not normal, you probably bought fake coils ...
  • Maybe it's you e-liquid? and.... no more profanity on the forum please!
  • You should wash a new tank before using it, but not coils. Make sure you are buying authentic and you shouldn't have these problems...
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