Individual coils

Because of the FDA regulations, you can no longer go to your local shops and buy individual coils. They have to be sold in full packs. I am not suggesting to Aspire to sell individual coils on the online shop, but to have it available so that local shops can sell individually packaged coils. A lot of people go into a shop for a single coil and do not want to purchase a full pack of 5 coils. I typically do, but a lot of people don't. This has just been an observation from my time spent in local shops. So to help local shops to be able to sell single coils, a single packaged coil would be helpful for the USA market.
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  • I am not sure that they have to buy them in the packs at a vape shop as my local shop sells them individually. How would the FDA know who sells what in what quantitys? I am not aware of the regulation stating that replacement coils must be sold in packages of certain quantities per package.
  • Any warnings to be put now on the coil packages, perhaps ?
  • You mean such as "Not for Individual Sale" like other products? I believe that is a manufacturer choice.
  • I think more about some idiotic warnings invented by the FDA such as "this product can be dangerous" or "not to be sold to minors" ...

    To be able to put all warnings the TDP wants to see put on the european 10ml liquid bottles, we will need at least the size of a 100ml one :-S
  • whatever, I get mine off the web anyway.
  • Yeah, whatever, I don't live in the States ...
  • @midnightwolf, thank you so much for bring us the information,I will pass your kind suggestion to our packaging department.
  • @charlzrocks A lot of shops are still selling individual coils, but are not suppose to. The owner of one of the shops that I hang out in is the President of the Indiana SFATA chapter. From reading and sitting in with the FDA briefings, she told me that shops are suppose to sell only full packages of coils. They compared it to buying a pack of cigarettes or over-the-counter medication. You just can't purchase one out of a package. I tend to just buy through Aspire or buy a whole pack anyways, but sometimes when in a pinch it is nice just to get 1 coil.
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