is authority seller or not?

hi, is authority seller or not?

the guy recommend smok G2 epipe mod works with mini nautilus tank...

not sure if the aspire tank is authority or not????
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  • What's the problem ?
    A Nautilus mini works perfectly with a Guardian II (although I prefer the normal Nautilus on that mod), so what's that "authority" thing for ?
  • they are asking if they are an authorized Aspire seller. 8-|
  • Cegoca said:

    How should Aspire in CHINA know who's selling genuine stuff in the States ?

    They don't, all they can do is list their authorized distributors.
    Cegoca said:

    It is the shop that should be asked who's the Wholesaler they are buying from, no ?

    Many shops will not release that information so it's a catch 22 in most respects. I have 2 retailers in specific that I can always trust. Let me know if you would like their names and I will PM you who they are.

  • And thanks, I don't need your retailers, but perhaps @skybbc ? ? ?
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